ONeills Poundmaker

ONeills Poundmaker

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Reg: 18885140 • BD: 1/10/17
BW: 75# • 205 Adj: 1,037# Ratio: 103
365 Adj: 1,778# • Scanned: 6.87 with 15" REA
10/15/18 Weight: 2,025#

Sire: ONeills Black Bardolier (view) 
Dam: ONeills Eraline 305
Dam: 1@121

  • See Leptin Test results as Poundmaker is perfect in every trait including the PMCH genotype which indicates increased genetic potential related to fat deposition, tenderness, marbling and backfat

  • Largest scanned IMF at O'Neill Angus Farm

  • Amazing performance and phenotype

  • Wide based and straight across the top as he is thick matched with incredible body depth

  • Top 1% to 3% of the breed: WW, YW, CW, $F, $B

  • Current Weight 10/15/18: 2025#



Offering syndication and semen rights.

Poundmaker's dam, ONeills Eraline 305, was top selling female of all breeds at the 2016 IA Beef Expo for $20,000. She had 6.65% IMF and a 16” REA with an Extra Rib. This great donor 2 yr. old set an all time record with Poundmaker. Embryos out of Eraline 305 sired by "Expedition" and "Exposition" sold for $1600 each at the 2018 NWFF Sale in Denver.

Owned by O'Neill Angus Farm

ONeills Black Bardolier

ONeills Eraline 305
Sold 4 embryos at the NWSS
for $1,600/each

ONeills Eraline 244
Sold 4 embryos at the NWSS
for $1,200/each