ONeills Excursion 78


Reg: 19151085  • BD: 2/22/18

AJD 365: 1559# • Scanned: 5.38 IMF with 15.7" REA

BW: 65# • Current: 12/25/18 - 1275#

Sire: ONeills Expedition (view)
Dam: ONeills Eraline 305 (view)

Top 4% for DMI EPD -.47
Top 5% for RADG EPD +.32
Top 10% for $Beef +163.10

Offering semen shares or the sale of this great young sire!

Chance of a Lifetime here on one of Expedition's greatest sons out of our top young donor cow in the herd, ONeills Eraline 305.  "305" shattered performance records last year raising Poundmaker at 1037# 205 and 1778 at 365 where he went on to scan 6.87 IMF to be our highest performing and greatest carcass sire to date.  Full sibling embryos to Excursion sold for $1600 each at the 2018 National Western Foundation Female Sale in Denver.  Excursion has the look to be a many time champion don't miss out on the opportunity to own part of him before it's too late.  Most of our customers already know Expedition needs no introduction, but for those who may not know; he has been one of the breed's all time great maternal, high feed efficient pathfinder sires the breed has ever had.  Excursion has the chance to do great things here at O’Neill Angus Farm.

Maternal brother to the Top Selling Embryos at the 2019 NWFF Sale in Denver selling for $1600 each.

ONeills Black Bardolier

ONeills Lady Blackcap 65

ONeills Justify 98

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Reg: 19151084 • Tag: 1675 • BD: 3/3/18

BW: 74# • 365 Adj: 1,614#

Sire: ONeills Black Bardoiler (view)
Dam: ONeills Lady Blackcap 65 (view)

Another great son of ONeills Black Bardolier, the International sire known to produce the top sire groups of the heaviest and best phenotypical calves. “98’s” dam, ONeills Lady Blackcap 65, is our highest EPD valued cow in the herd. A maternal sister to Justify was the second high-selling heifer for $7,600 of the 2018 Iowa Beef Expo selling to Mark Moffet, IA. Justify ranks in the Top 1% for $Beef, $Feedlot, CW, YW and RADG EPD and Top 2% for WW EPD. Highest EPD valued bull ever offered for sale at O’Neill Angus Farm. Offering syndication on this great sire.

Many thanks to Prairie Breeze Ranch of Missouri on the purchase of this great sire for $25,000 for 1/2 Interest and Full Possession!



ONeills Momentum

ONeills Black Bardolier

ONeills Delia 715

ONeills Momentum

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Reg: 18934831 • Tag: 1620A • BD: 4/15/17

BW: ET • 205 Adj: 1,023# • WDA: 5.18# • 365 Adj: 1,605#

Sire: ONeills Black Bardoiler (view)
Dam: ONeills Delia 715 (view)

Dam’s progeny BR@100 • NR@106 • YR@103 • IMFR 31@108 •RER 31@103 • “Momentum,” 2nd highest ever 205 adj. weight and one of the very top sons “Black Bardoiler,” whose calves are the top performance and phenotype in every herd he was used in the US and around the world. His dam is almost 15 years of age with perfect feed and the dam of “Expedition,” the great Pathfinder and Feed Efficiency Sire that is possibly the Greatest Female Sire Ever. Bull of the future every son of "715" has been a herd sire as will he be and better



ONeills Marshall Lad 196

ONeills Marshall Lad

ONeills Lady Blackcap 70

ONeills Marshall Lad 196

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Reg: 18566115 • Tag: 1685 • BD: 2/24/16

BW: 74# • 205 Adj: 878# Ratio: 103
WDA: 4.13# • Scan Wt. Act: 1,325#
IMF: 6.04 Ratio: 126 • RE: 14.5 Ratio: 107

Sire: ONeills Marshall Lad (view)
Dam: ONeills Lady Blackcap 70 (view)

A son of ONeills Marshall Lad, the $13,000 top-selling bull over all breeds at the Iowa Beef Expo. This bull is linebred through the full siblings, ONeills Expedition and ONeills Delia 720, from a dam who records a progeny weaning ratio of 101 combined with a progeny IMF ratio of 114. A powerful maternal sister to this bull is a sister in the Clarke herd at Brock Nebraska. The great granddam, was one of the most successful donors in the herd, ONeills Lady Blackcap 25. His granddam is the fabulous easy fleshing female pictured below ONeills Lady Blackcap 41 whom we had the misfortune of losing. This bull is sired by ONeills Marshall Lad whom is a great maternal and calving ease sire owned with Maifield Inc. His dam has two NR@102

ONeills Expedite

ONeills Royal Lady 28

ONeills Royal Lady 10
Reserve Champion Cow/Calf 1995 NJAS

ONeills Expedite

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Reg: 18585644 • Tag: 1615A • BD: 3/20/16

BW: ET • 205 Adj: 885#
WDA: 4.05# • Frame: 6.4

Sire: ONeills Expedition (view)
Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 28 (view)

  • Full brother to the $12,000 ONeills Expedition 563

Dam is the 16 year old ONeills Royal Lady 28. She is $40,000 cow in the 2003 sale. All perfect feet. Perfect udders.