The Legacy. Since 1951.

Raising quality Angus cattle, dedicated to profitability for the commercial cattleman. 


The History.

The O'Neill Angus Farm legacy began in 1951 when Clinton O'Neill and Jim O'Neill purchased two great "Earl Marshall" females, the Delia's and Eraline's. During this time the industry was selecting for small framed cattle which Clinton hated because they didn't grow and gain in the feed lot. Instead of going along with the trends of the industry the O'Neills set out to breed cattle that would make money for the commercial cattleman. The first two foundation females of the O'Neill herd were deep bodied, thick-made, had great udders and were larger than what was acceptable within the industry at the time.

Almost two decades later, in the late 1960's, the style of cattle the O'Neill family purchased became accepted across the industry. In 1969 O'Neill Angus Farm sold the high selling bull at the Iowa State Sale, followed by selling the top three high selling bulls in 1970. Since then O'Neill Angus bred cattle have become known for making profit for commercial cattlemen. Over sixty years later the Delia's, Eraline's and a more recent cow family, Royal Lady, still dominate the herd.

Since the inception of O'Neill Angus Farm critical trait selection remains the same for quality feet, legs, fertility, longevity, excellent udders and fleshing ability. Combining all of these traits with feed efficiency has shown great value to commercial cattlemen, demanding premiums on the rail with an average of $200-$250/head, not even mentioning the added pounds. 

Genetics from the O'Neill Angus Farm herd have been placed into herds across the United States and the globe.