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Quality Angus cattle since 1951. 



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The backbone of our program, cattle that excel in
structural soundness and maternal ability. 

Why Use O'Neill Angus Genetics?

  • 33 years of intensive line breeding with NO genetic defects

  • All O'Neill cattle are tested free or free by pedigree of AM/NH/CA/DD/MI/D2/OH/OS/RD and all other known genetic defects

  • Premiums on the rail of O'Neill line bred genetics, with an average of $250/head more on the rail, plus extra pounds for steers and heifers straight through

  • Maifeld, Inc. of Iowa, our partner in many donors and herd sires sell all of their steers and heifers for a premium over the average dressed beef price, earning an extra $250 with 99.8% Choice and Prime!

  • A four year rolling average in excess 50% Prime!

  • We believe in breeding cattle that equal more profit for our customers